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ATX TopsDiff %
LNZ +4.58
IIA +4.13
RBI +3.70
ZAG +3.48
VER +3.18
ATX FlopsDiff %


"Update on financial markets and the Vienna Stock Exchange October 2014" – read more in the current market analysis by Fritz Mostböck (Erste Group Bank AG).

Wiener Börse News


16.10.2014 - Admission to trading of ACON Actienbank AG, Munich (Germany)

effective as of October 22, 2014

15.10.2014 - Specialist tender procedure for shares of FACC AG

Launch of the tender procedure for the function as a specialist for the shares of FACC AG

15.10.2014 - Dividend payment of BUWOG AG

0.69 EUR as of October 23, 2014