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Legend Market Phase Qualifier

E Open
O Opening Auction
i Call Phase
j Pre Order Book Balancing
k Order Book Balancing
C Continuous Trading
CA Continuous Auction
A Intraday Auction
q Pre Call Phase
l Call Phase
m Pre Order Book Balancing
n Order Book Balancing
F Closing Auction
x Call Phase
y Pre Order Book Balancing
z Order Book Balancing
B Between Auctions
P Pretrading
D Closed
V Volatility Interruption
H Trade Halted
S Trade Suspended

Knock-out Products

Knock-out rule for knock-out certificates (turbo certificates):

As soon as the underlying instrument of a knock-out certificate (turbo certificate) reaches the knock-out threshold, the issuer must immediately inform the exchange. After receiving the notification, the exchange suspends the certificate from trading. All open orders are automatically deleted from the system due to suspended trading.
Knock-Out Date ISIN Types of certificates Underlying Repurchase price*)
31.07.2015 AT0000A1CE71 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Qiagen NV 0.10
31.07.2015 AT0000A1EHM0 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) OSRAM LICHT 0.20
31.07.2015 AT0000A1FN69 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) UNIQA INSURANCE GROUP AG 0.10
30.07.2015 AT0000A1FRR5 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Euro Bund Future (FrontContr) 1.00
30.07.2015 AT0000A1D6X9 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Infineon Technologies 0.05
30.07.2015 AT0000A1DMU5 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) FRESENIUS SE 0.25
29.07.2015 AT0000A1D6V3 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) HeidelbergCement AG 0.19
29.07.2015 AT0000A1FK62 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) DIALOG SEMICON 0.10
29.07.2015 AT0000A1FKB4 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) EUROMICRON 0.10
29.07.2015 AT0000A1CDC4 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Volkswagen Vorzug 0.20
29.07.2015 AT0000A1CKU1 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) GEA GROUP 0.20
29.07.2015 AT0000A1CU55 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Linde 0.50
29.07.2015 AT0000A15EX7 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Stada Arzneimittel 0.25
28.07.2015 AT0000A15724 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) GERRESHEIMER 0.25
28.07.2015 AT0000A14560 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) GERRESHEIMER 0.25
28.07.2015 AT0000A1CFA3 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) BrentCrudeOilFuture 0.22
27.07.2015 AT0000A1C3Q1 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) WTI LIGHT SWEET3 0.23
27.07.2015 AT0000A1CKV9 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) GEA GROUP 0.20
27.07.2015 AT0000A1CMD3 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Wacker Chemie 0.40
27.07.2015 AT0000A1CME1 Knock-out-Certificate (Turbo-Certificate) Wacker Chemie 0.39

*) if there are more than 2 internal decimal places the Repurchase price will be rounded