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SkyEurope Holding AG

The data below are a snapshot taken at the time of the initial public offering and are not updated regularly. For current information on a company, please go to Investors/Listed companies.

ISIN: AT0000497003
Symbol: SKY
Trading segment: Official Market
Market segment: prime market
First trading day: September 27, 2005
Offered shares: up to 11,800.000 common stocks and up to 1,180.000 common stocks (Greenshoe)
Category: par-value bearer shares
Number of shares (before IPO): 10,000,000
Share capital (before capital increase): EUR 10,000,000
Offering period (public offering): September 19 until September 21, 2005
Price fixing: The offering price is scheduled to be fixed and announced on or about September 22, 2005
Price range: between EUR 5,00 and EUR 10,00
Offering price: EUR 6,00
Issuing volume (excl. Greenshoe): 70,800.000
Lead Manament: CAIB, Sal. Oppenheim
Management Board: Christian Mandl
Alain Skowronek
Erhard Schmidt
Supervisory Board: Roland Haas
Juraj Koman
Lars Peter Elam Hakansson
Peter Struhar
Shareholder structure (before IPO):
Endavour Holdings Ltd
EBRD  16.03 %
Peter Struhar  8.31 %
Euroventures Danube  6.68 %
Foundation  6.39 %
Others  6.04 %
Gesamt:  43.45 %

Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG
East Capital funds  16.72 %
DWS funds  7.79 %
GLG funds  7.17 %
Griffin funds  7.04 %
Others  1.11 %
Gesamt:  39.83 %
Loryma Investments Ltd 
Christian Mandl  8.53 %
Alain Skowronek  8.19 %
Gesamt:  16.72 %
Address: Biberstraße 11/8
A-1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 512 42 90
Internet: http://www.skyeurope.com/
Company profile SkyEurope Holding AG:

SkyEurope is the leading Central European low-cost airline. With bases in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, it is also the first multi-based airline in the region of Central Europe. SkyEurope operates a route network of 28 destinations in 16 countries from its bases in Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Vienna and Bratislava. SkyEurope operates a route network of 52 routes, to destinations including Manchester, Paris, Nice, Amsterdam, Dublin (from September 2005) Copenhagen, Rome, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Athens, Stuttgart, Zurich, Prague, Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Košice.
The fleet of SkyEurope consists of 15 aircraft: 11 Boeing 737 and 4 Embraer 120 aircraft. The airline started operations on 13 February 2002. SkyEurope is certified according to the European Union standards JAR OPS 1 and JAR-145.